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Using QR Codes - Why, When, Where and How

A one-page guide to using QR codes in your print advertising.

What Is A SeeMeQR?

A SeeMeQR is a QR code made from a specially crafted URL that creates a recognizable word in the QR code. You give us your web page address, we build a QR code that points to it. See How they work for details.

Your call to action is more visible, more direct, and more understandable. 

You can use the same word over and over for different URLs.

You can create similar-seeming SeeMeQrs that point to different sites, or to different pages on the same site. This allows you to use SeeMeQRs on different print ads, and keep track of which one was scanned.

For example, these three SeeMeQRs each point to a different site:

SeeMeQR code for The United Way
The United Way
SeeMeQR code for Save the Children
Save the Children
SeeMeQR code for The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy


Your word will be created in black-letter and red-letter versions.

Your download includes both versions. You or your graphic designer can change the color if desired. SeeMeQR banner image

Use Them Anywhere

You can use them anywhere you would use a plain QR. SeeMeQRs are valid QR codes that can be recognized by anyone's smartphone QR code app.

Improve your ROI on print advertising for less than $10.

How Do I Get One?

Pick a word, tell us your web page, and we'll build your SeeMeQR instantly. Get your SeeMeQR now! Limited-time introductory offer: Free! Normally $9.95.