We've Added a QR Code for GMOs

Submitted by lander on Mon, 07/25/2016 - 17:27
Congress sent legislation to President Barack Obama on Thursday that would require most food packages to carry a text label, a symbol or an electronic code readable by smartphone that indicates whether the food contains genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs. - The New York Times, Congress OKs Bill Requiring First GMO Food Labels - July 14, 2016
QR code for GMO foods. SeeMeQR QR code displaying the letters GMO

QR codes are one way the labeling requirement could be met, but this is a pretty controversial approach. See QR Codes for GMO Labeling Could Actually Be a Great Idea. Could for just one example of the debate. So, in SeeMeQR's ongoing effort to make QR codes 'eye-catching and informative', we've created a "GMO" SeeMeQR. This makes clear what the QR code is for, and what information the user will see if they scan it.

We aren't taking a position on the wisdom of the law. But if you're going to use a QR code, why not use one that helps the consumer understand what they are seeing?

As with all SeeMeQR QR codes, these can be created to point to any web page.

They are available now as part of our regular selection.