How to Create Your SeeMeQR QR Code

Quick (2:40) video walkthough of the SeeMeQR creation process.

  1. Start with the web page you want to bring visitors to. As an example, here is the URL of the National Weather Service 'safety' page:
  3. Test the uppercase URL - make sure it still takes you to the page you want. If there is problem, use a URL shortener (see below).
  4. Enter the uppercase URL in the 'Web Page' field in the form.
  5. Select the 'Word' you want displayed.
  6. Read the 'terms and conditions' and check the box.
  7. Click on 'Create Your SeeMeQR'
  8. That brings you to the 'order' page, which has a Paypal button. Click on the Paypal 'Buy Now' button to pay for your SeeMeQR.
  9. When you complete the purchase, Paypal will send you to a download page. The download is a zipfile containing your SeeMeQR in both PDF and PNG format.

You can scan these with your smartphone to be sure it points to where you want.

Your graphic designer can place these in your ads.

And that's all there is to it for the simple case.

Using a URL Shortening Service

This is still quick and easy.

There are two situations where you will need to do this, and another case where you may prefer to.

The first case where you need to use a shortened URL is when your web page doesn't work with an uppercase URL. For example, the Wikipedia page: doesn't work in uppercase: HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/OAK. Most websites are set up to work with either uppercase or lowercase URLs, but not all.

The second case where you need to use a shortened URL is when the URL of your page is too long. Here's an example from the Weather Service site: This works in either uppercase or lowercase, but is too long for the SeeMeQR form. You'll get an error message if you try to use a too-long URL.

Both cases can be fixed with a URL shortener. You have to use a URL shortening service that allows you to customize the shortened URL with all UPPERCASE letters., rebrandly, and are widely used shortening services.

On the shortening site, enter the original URL of your page. (Not one that you changed to uppercase.) Also enter a customized URL that is still pretty short and uses UPPERCASE. You can enter a customized shortened URL that is meaningful (like 'DROUGHT' for this example). Then click the 'shorten' button.

Copy the shortened version into the 'Web Page' field in the 'SeeMeQR Creation Form'. Change the part to HTTP://BIT.LY.

Now you are good to go. Finish the form and get your SeeMeQR.

There is another situation where shortened URLs can be useful. Some shortining services allow you to come back later and change the page that the shortened URL refers to. If your site changes, or you want to SeeMeQR code to send visitors to a different page, this is very handy.

Some services also provide traffic stats so you can see how many hits your QR code is getting.