Frequently Asked Questions

Longer destinations would run into the part of the URL used by the word you have chosen. The resulting SeeMeQR would not correctly show the word you want.

Yes, with some restrictions. IMPORTANT: the shortened URL must be UPPERCASE. Some URL shortening services, like, do not support this, while some other, like, allow you to specify uppercase by using the 'Customize' option. With the Customize option, you can choose your own shortened URL, using uppercase letters. is free and also provides traffic statistics. also offers custom URLS.

There are two cases where you must use a shortened URL:

  • The URL you want to use is too long.
  • The URL you want to use does not work in uppercase.

See How to Create Your SeeMeQR QR Code for details.

This is due to the technical process used to build QR codes. It's a long story. Note: It is possible that your website is configured to treat uppercase URLs differently. For example, the url HTTP://EXAMPLE.COM/some_page might work but HTTP://EXAMPLE.COM/SOME_PAGE would not work. To prevent problems, verify that the uppercase URL works before you create your SeeMeQR with it. If this problem is inconvenient for you to work around, use a URL shortening service to generate an uppercase URL. See How to Create Your SeeMeQR QR Code for details.

Not directly - Facebook URLs are too long. However, you could use a URL shortening service.

No. There are no additional charges after the purchase. Your SeeMeQR QR code is all yours. We do not control or manage it. Your SeeMeQR QR code points to your page, not ours.

You can test your SeeMeQR easily with your smartphone QR scanner app. Scan your SeeMeQR, and the app will display the web page you entered when you created the SeeMeQR (along with a lot of random-looking text starting with '#'). Click the 'Open Browser' button on your scanner app, and you will be taken to the page.

Here are some ways to track visits to your site triggered by SeeMeQR codes:

  • Create your SeeMeQR with a URL that points to a special page on your site, then track the visits to that page.
  • If you use the URL shortening service, they provide traffic stats as part of the free service.

Your SeeMeQR will always decode to the same URL, but there are some ways to change what page the visitor sees. For example:

  • Use a service like to create the URL you want. If you register there (it's free), you can manage your URLs after you create them. So, for example, you could create the shortened URL which could have a 'destination address' of Then create a SeeMeQR code, which will always decode to HTTP://BIT.DO/MYSITE. Later, you could go back to and change the destination address from to After this, people who scan your SeeMeQR will be redirected to your page_two.
  • Or, you could create the SeeMeQR code to with the URL HTTP://MYSITE.COM/PAGE_ONE. Then if you want the visitor to see some other page instead, you could set up a 'redirect' on your site. The process for this will depend on your website structure, and we can't give specific directions. This approach would redirect everyone visiting /page one, not just people scanning the SeeMeQR.

We provide your SeeMeQR in PNG format in multiple sizes so that you can use one without resizing. SeeMeQR QRs are are created with a square grid of 'cells'. The QR itself is 37 cells on each side, plus a one cell border all around, so the whole image is 39x39 cells. When each cell is 4x4 pixels, for example, that makes 39 x 4 = 156 pixels width and height for the entire image. If you resize that image to, say, 140x140 pixels, either the cells can't all be the same size, or some grayscale will have to be used on the edges between black and white. Either of these will degrade the image. making it harder for smartphones to scan. We offer a selection so you can choose one that best fits your needs without having to resize. The size of the cell is indicated by a suffix to the filename.

Cell size Filename suffix Dimensions (pixels)
4 -4 156x156
6 -6 234x234
8 -8 312x312
12 -12 468x468

A PDF version is also included. This is oversized and you will want to scale it down with image software of your choice. Be careful not to lose sharpness if you downscale.

Just include it as you would any other image, photo, logo, etc. You (or your graphic designer) can select or adapt the best image version for your purposes.

For magazine ads, try to avoid placing the SeeMeQR image close to the binding. The curve of the page there can make the QR code harder to scan, and they also are less noticeable than when they are on the outer portion of the page.

If you resize one of the images, make sure it is big enough for good readability by humans and good scannability by smartphones. We recommend at least one inch in size on the printed page.

Using your smartphone QR-scanning app, test the SeeMeQR in your finished ad before publishing it.

We add new words to our collection from time to time.

You can suggest a word you would like to use in a SeeMeQR. The words need to be short, like the words we already have.

As a special service, we can do custom words and acronyms that would only be available to your company. Tell us what you want and ask for a bid.

Yes, sort of. Your SeeMeQR will always point to the same URL. That can't change. However, you can change the content you show on the page the URL points to. Also, if you use a URL shortening service like, you can change the web page that the shortened URL points to. See How to Create Your SeeMeQR QR Code for details.

Yes. Just revisit the 'create' page and enter same URL and word you used before. We will re-create it and you can download it at no charge.