How SeeMeQRs Work

We build a URL based on the web page and word you provide.

  1. We at SeeMeQR have a patent-pending method of creating URLs that show words when encoded into QR codes. For example, given the destination HTTP://WWW.EXAMPLE.COM/MYPAGE and the word "INFO", we create the URL HTTP://WWW.EXAMPLE.COM/MYPAGE#jbNMDAWSBGAFEKAFEKOSE:S-:ZFR:PH1RZ+K*RFNDDFNFA9KIZLUAS:PA$RS*0LZ$XRLQWY7I27UIZJ3I/A+R8CS-IBC-A7MEKOSE:SKAWAPTCVM
  2. When the URL is encoded into QR code the word appears.The word 'BUY'
  3. You use the SeeMeQR in your ad, poster, flyer, etc., just as you would a plain QR code.
  4. When someone scans the QR with their smartphone, the QR is decoded into the URL.
  5. They click the URL and visit your site at the page you specified.
  6. Note that if you take a SeeMeQR URL and run it through a QR-generating tool, you might not get the SeeMeQR you expect. We control the QR creation process through patent-pending methods that 'plain' QR tools don't use.