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From GadgetHacks: Your Pixel Has a Hidden QR Code Reader — Here's How to Use It

Open the default Camera app. Direct the camera app towards a QR code. You will see a small popup just above the shutter button with a preview of the QR code results. Tap on the popup, in our case it's a Wiki link. When you do, you will be directed to the specific location of the QR code, be it a website or a deep link within an app.

From Radio and Television Business Report: NBCUniversal Places Its Bets On ‘ShoppableTV’

QR codes airing during specific moments in TV shows, which would take viewers directly to an e-commerce site, is the solution to spot avoidance the owner of NBC and Telemundo is investing in.

A test on TODAY supposedly generated thousands of scans and, as TechCrunch reported, “six figures in sales ‘within minutes.'”

From Essential Retail: Timpson doubles customer feedback with in-store QR codes

The retailer is placing QR codes at the point of sale in shops around the UK in order to gather more immediate feedback from consumers, alongside generally encouraging visitors to provide an online review.

Kevin Martin, Timpson’s group online director, says the number of customer comments have doubled since introducing the new method of feedback seven weeks ago in 170 shops.


From Digital Media Solutions:

QR Codes Are Back And Benefiting Marketers In Many Different Ways

Since 2017, when scanning QR codes became a native feature for Apple and Android phones, QR codes have experienced a revolution. They are now being used everywhere, including traditional direct mail, experiential activations, out of home (OOH) and, of course, across the digital marketing hemisphere in a variety of ways.

Article from Yahoo Finance: $2.1 Billion QR Code Labels Markets - Global Outlook Report 2017-2026

Global QR code labels market accounted for $907.83 million in 2017 and is expected to reach $2,105.85 million by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 9.8% during the forecast period.

Some of the key factors such as rising use of code labels in inventory management and personal use and usage of these codes in storing information such as webpages, URLs, text, and contact information are driving the market growth. However, codes steadiness on a mobile device or smartphone act as the restraining factor for the QR code labels market growth.

Congress sent legislation to President Barack Obama on Thursday that would require most food packages to carry a text label, a symbol or an electronic code readable by smartphone that indicates whether the food contains genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs. - The New York Times, Congress OKs Bill Requiring First GMO Food Labels - July 14, 2016
QR code for GMO foods. SeeMeQR QR code displaying the letters GMO

QR codes are one way the labeling requirement could be met, but this is a pretty controversial approach. See QR Codes for GMO Labeling Could Actually Be a Great Idea. Could for just one example of the debate. So, in SeeMeQR's ongoing effort to make QR codes 'eye-catching and informative', we've created a "GMO" SeeMeQR. This makes clear what the QR code is for, and what information the user will see if they scan it.

We aren't taking a position on the wisdom of the law. But if you're going to use a QR code, why not use one that helps the consumer understand what they are seeing?

As with all SeeMeQR QR codes, these can be created to point to any web page.

They are available now as part of our regular selection.

How SeeMeQR codes improve your message and increase response.

If you use print advertising - posters, pamphlets, direct mail, magazine or newspaper ads

And if you have a call to action that involves visiting a website, listening to something, or watching something

Then SeeMeQRs offer two huge benefits:

  • They are eye-catching. Just check the samples below to see what we mean.
  • They are infomative. The reader knows what to expect after scanning the QR. This increases trust and improves targeting.

Compare these three ads - one with no QR, one with a regular QR, and one with a SeeMeQR.

Ad with no QR code

Ad with regular QR code

Ad with SeeMeQR code


The SeeMeQR version not only stands out, it also tells the reader that they can get more info by scanning the QR.

Your call to action is more visible, more direct, and more understandable. 

For less than $10 you can improve your ROI on print advertising. Get yours today.

Other Advantages of SeeMeQRs

  • They are black and white, so can be used in color or B&W ads.
  • You can use them to track the success of your ads.
  • They are quick, easy, and economical to get and use.
  • Strong appeal for mobile shoppers.

We've relaunched SeeMeQR with a much-improved product. Key changes:

  • No installation needed. Previous versions required you to set up a redirect on your site. The new ones are ready for use immediately.
  • Better-looking, more consistent, more readable QR codes
  • More words to choose from, and more on the way, too.
  • Same low price: $9:95