News and Notes

How SeeMeQR codes improve your message and increase response.

If you use print advertising - posters, pamphlets, direct mail, magazine or newspaper ads

And if you have a call to action that involves visiting a website, listening to something, or watching something

Then SeeMeQRs offer two huge benefits:

  • They are eye-catching. Just check the samples below to see what we mean.
  • They are infomative. The reader knows what to expect after scanning the QR. This increases trust and improves targeting.

Compare these three ads - one with no QR, one with a regular QR, and one with a SeeMeQR.

Ad with no QR code

Ad with regular QR code

Ad with SeeMeQR code


The SeeMeQR version not only stands out, it also tells the reader that they can get more info by scanning the QR.

Your call to action is more visible, more direct, and more understandable. 

For less than $10 you can improve your ROI on print advertising. Get yours today.

Other Advantages of SeeMeQRs

  • They are black and white, so can be used in color or B&W ads.
  • You can use them to track the success of your ads.
  • They are quick, easy, and economical to get and use.
  • Strong appeal for mobile shoppers.

We've relaunched SeeMeQR with a much-improved product. Key changes:

  • No installation needed. Previous versions required you to set up a redirect on your site. The new ones are ready for use immediately.
  • Better-looking, more consistent, more readable QR codes
  • More words to choose from, and more on the way, too.
  • Same low price: $9:95