Terms and Conditions and Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

Why so many Terms and Conditions? These terms and conditions are to protect SeeMeQR, our customers, and the public.

  • You must not use your SeeMeQR codes in a deceptive manner. For example, if you use a SeeMeQR code that says 'COUPON', the page on your site that the user sees when they scan the SeeMeQR code must offer a coupon.
  • You may redirect visitors coming to your site from a SeeMeQR to another site, such as Facebook. However, this must be done in a non-deceptive manner, as noted above.
  • Except for the terms and conditions listed here, you are free to use your SeeMeQR in any manner you like, for as long as you like, at no additional cost.
  • You may make any cosmetic changes to the SeeMeQR that you wish, such as changing the color, as long as the decoded URL does not change.
  • The copyright of the SeeMeQR code and the portion of the URL that we add belong to SeeMeQR.com. Your purchase includes a permanent license to use them.
  • You agree not to create, use, or distribute SeeMeQR codes altered in such a way as to represent a different URL than the one we license to you. If you want more SeeMeQR codes, you will purchase them from SeeMeQR.com.
  • Once the SeeMeQR is created and purchased, SeeMeQR.com does not act as a third party in any way.
  • You agree to purchase and use SeeMeQR codes only for domains that you own or are authorized to act as an agent for.
  • You acknowledge that your SeeMeQR code will closely resemble, but not be identical to, the SeeMeQR examples shown on this site. This is inherent in the customization process.
  • You acknowledge that although the SeeMeQR, when decoded, will produce a URL, that URL, when encoded by QR-generating tools, may result in a QR code that is slightly or completely different from the SeeMeQR. This is a technical result of the SeeMeQR creation process and is not a defect or limitation.
  • You acknowledge that SeeMeQR may offer different versions of the same word from time to time, or at the same time. The version you get will be the one you choose.


We guarantee that your SeeMeQR is a valid QR code that displays the word or image in the pattern you have chosen, and, when decoded, provides the web page URL that you have provided.

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